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We are vastly experienced in all aspects of online marketing but focus on search engine optimisation planning, strategy, implementation and analysis.

Whether your website requires a quick one-off boost or a more regular SEO campaign, IBE will guide you through the process clearly and professionally.

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Our team have been helping clients get their websites listed at the top of search engines organically since 2007, and truly believe that it’s not some hidden art form but actually pretty logical, if we do the basic things well we nearly always achieve great results. Admittedly sometimes it gets a little complex, but then doesn’t everything from time to time!

Let me explain: if there are two equally brilliant sites how can Google determine which one to place at position number 1 and position number 2, this is what we call ranking? Well kind of the same as we have been naturally doing for years in media, libraries and everyday life;

  • Lets start with the most recent, so the website which was last updated
  • Lets consider the age, so the oldest website as they have been doing ‘it’ for longer
  • How about the size, surely a website with 100 pages on a specific topic is more relevant than a site with 2 pages
  • How about considering the website which loads fastest, and is therefore easier (and less frustrating) for people to use
  • What about location, if a website is hosted on hardware in India, why would it appear in search results on Google UK?

Hopefully you understand where we are heading, we have a very good understanding of the logic also known as the algorithm which Google and other search engines use to ‘rank’ your site…

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