WordPress developers

London & Cambridge

An expert team of WordPress developers

WordPress is our passion, with over 250 sites launched since 2007, we know a thing or two about this brilliant CMS platform.

Corporate websites, ecommerce, blogs, online tools, games and much more, get in touch if you have a WordPress requirement, I’m sure we can help!

WordPress themes

Design and development of bespoke WordPress themes either for specific and one-off use or mass-distribution themes for delivery through common networks. Themes for blogs, corporate websites, ecommerce, news portals, personal pages and much more.

WordPress plugins

Development of customised WordPress plugins to deliver all sorts of unique functionality to extend the capability of any website. We can also sometimes provide fixes, updates and improvements to WordPress plugins developed by 3rd parties.

WordPress hosting

We provide a robust hosting platform for any size and type of WordPress website including where budgets are limited, tight security is required, reliability is essential and high performance is necessary to cope with demand.

WordPress setup

We’re happy to setup your own WordPress environment so that you can install your own themes and plugins and develop your own website.

WordPress SEO

WordPress provides all the tools and makes it easy to optimise your website content to archive high natural positions within search – we can provide the SEO training and/or consultancy to enable you to implement great SEO.

WordPress integration

We have succesfully integrated WordPress based websites with all manner of 3rd party platforms including Sagepay and other payment gateways, Pardot marketing automation platform, Salesforce and Sage CRM’s, Dubit, Mailchimp and several other email marketing platforms, to name a few!